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Meeting with Spirit Guide guided meditation

  1. Preparation


Before we start the creative visualization for meeting your Spirit Guide, it is important to have some deep, pleasant relaxation. You know that sometimes you try to recall something; then you get a good nights sleep and you recall it as soon as you wake up or, perhaps, you start to do something else—something more relaxing and it pops into your mind. You have heard the term altered state. Your state of mind has been altered because it is relaxed; it is changed from the busy state of normal daily activity. It is a different state of mind. That’s why we call it altered. Continue reading

Divine Guidance Archangel Power Tarot Cards



There is no need to be alone! There are amazing people around you from whom you would gain great strength and support. Seek out those who are like-minded and who share your benefit from your insights and affection. Take a class on spirituality, or join an organization that aims to do good in the world. Archangel Sandalphon can help you find the meaning you’re seeking in your life. Continue reading