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Dalia Olga – Scandinavian Intuitive Counselor


Your Guide to Success!


Why is she?

She is really managed to find the lost keys to the door to the set goals. Dalia Olga helps people to achieve their goals in life because the achievements in her life motivate and inspire many people around the world.

Dalia Olga is one of the examples of those people who, despite their disability (her one  eye is blind, and the other -22), has learned not only to live with her problem a completely full life, but also to realize her dreams in life.

One of her goals was the career of Oriental Dance Artist, performing on the stage. And she has achieved her goal! With her show program, she traveled through Middle East, working as a solo artist, and in a group with other artists without any disability. But with this her life aspirations do not end! Dalia Olga likes to set new goals for herself. Her new dream is to help people to achieve their dreams.

She had to perform on the stage almost in the blind, because it is not possible to dance in glasses.


Because of her experience, she realized that Tarot cards and guided meditations can help achieve the goal, give motivation and hope. When no one believed that she could get a contract for the belly dancer, Tarot cards supported her, gave advice and showed the way how to achieve the goal.

Dalia Olga started working with Tarot cards when she was ten years old.



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