Meeting with Spirit Guide guided meditation

  1. Preparation


Before we start the creative visualization for meeting your Spirit Guide, it is important to have some deep, pleasant relaxation. You know that sometimes you try to recall something; then you get a good nights sleep and you recall it as soon as you wake up or, perhaps, you start to do something else—something more relaxing and it pops into your mind. You have heard the term altered state. Your state of mind has been altered because it is relaxed; it is changed from the busy state of normal daily activity. It is a different state of mind. That’s why we call it altered.


I’ll guide you with some suggestions for enjoying the process of relaxing. You are in control at every step of the way. I’m just a guide. If I make a suggestion which you believe is not right for you, you may adjust it in any way which seems appropriate. The process of relaxing and enjoying the bringing forward (as on a computer screen) of another stage of the souls journey is safe,

smooth, and easy. All you have to do is to allow your imagination to do its best job to get you started. I will be making some notes as we go along.


  1. Induction Procedure


Get into a comfortable position so you can relax easily. Take a long, deep breath. Exhale slowly.

That’s good . . . and as you breathe normally, just become aware of the rhythm of your breathing.

Prepare to enter a level of relaxation which is right for you at this time. When you relax the physical body and have the electrical activity of the brain at an alpha level, the creative mind can be very alert. It is like the period between sleep and awakening, when dreams are quite vivid. It is

a creative time. When you quieten the physical body and keep the mental body alert, you quieten the critical/analytical factor and allow the creative factor to function at its best.

Hold your hands in a comfortable position. Please sit or lie comfortably. Adjust your body as necessary for your comfort. Keep your back as straight as possible to keep the chakras or spiritual centers aligned . . .  and when you are ready, just close your eyes.

Take a deep breath; exhale slowly. That’s good . . . and as you breathe normally, just become more aware of the rhythm of your breathing. Become aware of your hands as they touch your body. As you rest there, become aware that you are beginning to experience a sense of comfort, calmness, and inner peace.

Become aware of the texture of the chair, or of the bed  (or the floor). Become aware of the texture of the place where you are located now. It is just right for your purpose. Become aware of the temperature of the room. It is just right for this experience and it can help you to gain access to what you are seeking at this time.

Become aware of the sounds around you. Those sounds contribute to your accessing what you want to experience now. Those sounds, whether loud or barely audible, are cooperating in helping you to relax and to be at ease and at peace. The sounds are easing you into deeper and deeper relaxation. They are a part of all things; they belong there. It is normal. Should you hear a telephone ring, you’ll be able to blend that sound, too, into your experience. The sound of my voice will go with you as a guide. Should a fire alarm ring or should there be any other indication of an emergency indicating a need for you to respond consciously, you will become alert immediately and you will be able to respond appropriately.

Your eyes are closed and your eyelids are beginning to relax. Allow the relaxation to increase— becoming more and more relaxed. If, at any time you sense some movement in your eyelids, you will know that it is called REM — Rapid Eye Movement—and that it is a normal part of this

experience. It is similar to the state of dreaming.

Now, please take a long, deep breath and allow the muscles in the eyelids to relax. Good. Allow that feeling of relaxation to move to the whole facial area. Now let it spread to the neck and throat, to the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. Take a long, deep breath and, as you inhale and

exhale, allow the chest -area to relax. Allow the relaxation to flow along the spine, relaxing all areas as it moves along. Let the relaxation spread to the hips, legs, and feet—all the way to the toes. That’s great. Now, take another deep breath and realize that the whole body is becoming more and more relaxed.

Now please take another deep breath, exhale slowly, and continue breathing normally. Each breath is a gift – a gift of life. Please focus on appreciation for the gift of life. Focus on the opportunity you have for expressing who you are. Now, please focus on your awareness of your divine origin.

Focus again on the rhythm of your breathing. Observe the deep inhaling end the slow exhaling. As you continue to be aware of your breathing, you continue to relax . . . and, as you breathe, you realize that you are experiencing spiritual energies. Sense an inner balance.

As you flow with the rhythm of your breathing, you are becoming aware that, as you breathe, your body becomes more and more relaxed and seems to be lighter.

You feel lighter and relaxed. Lighter and relaxed. And you are becoming very comfortable, calm, and peaceful. You are entering a very pleasant state of relaxation. You might feel that your body is asleep but that your mind is alert. That’s good. Very good. The most important thing now is your own inner reality.

Some people like to ensure further protection by surrounding themselves with a White Light. If you choose, you may do so now. You may use any form of further protection that you choose. A protected, safe, rewarding experience is in process.


Visualize yourself in a long dark tunnel. If you can’t visualize, just imagine, feel or sense yourself  here. It’s a large tunnel with plenty of space and at the end of the tunnel is a small, white light. You are floating headlong through this tunnel, speeding towards the white light. It is somewhat cold, but that doesn’t bother you for you know that you are safe. And as you move down through the tunnel you draw closer and closer to the white light, and as you draw closer and closer to the white light, the white light becomes bigger and brighter, bigger and brighter, bigger and bigger, brighter and whiter, until you are right up to the bright, white light, the bright, white light just in front of you. You are no longer floating, you are standing, but if feels as though you’re stepping on soft, fluffy clouds which gradually evaporate into the path upon which you stand. Now, I will count to three, and at the count of three I want you to Step Into The Light.

One. Two. Three. (Pause).

You are now standing In The Light. It is a pure, white light. Feel the light streaming down through the crown of your head. Feel the white light being drawn downwards, through the body, the head, the neck, the shoulders and arms, the chest, the stomach and hips and legs and feet. The beautiful bright white light is in you. You are In The Light. You are The Light.

The Light is Love and You are The Light. You are Love. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy field. Your beautiful white Light. You are In The Light and The Light is in you.

Feel the white light cleansing your whole body, your whole mind and your spirit. Feel the beautiful white light lifting away any impure thoughts or feelings. Feel the healing energy of the white light. This is your light. You are the light. You are protected by your own positive psychic energy, your light, your beautiful bright, white light.

Remain in the light for a little while longer, feeling the healing energy of the Light. Feeling cleansed and thoroughly protected from any negative thought forms which you may or may not encounter in your spiritual adventure or your physical life. You carry the white light within you to guide you through the journey you are about to take.



  1. Deepening


You are much more relaxed now. In a moment, I’ll count rapidly from ten to one and with each descending  number, you will relax deeper and deeper and you will be more centered. At the count of one, you will reach a level of relaxation which is right for you at this time and for the present purpose. I’ll begin by counting downward. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Your are now, at your own level of relaxation sand, from this level, you are able to function as you choose. You are in control at every step of the way. You feel safe and protected. The, experience is something that you want, here and now.


Creating a Spirit Room
I’d like you to use your imagination right now, just imagine that you are in an empty space and you are going to create a beautiful, relaxing, peaceful room. This will be a room that you can resort to any time you like. A safe place that no one else knows about but you.

First of all, I would like you to create the most comfortable chair or piece of furniture that you can imagine. It can be something that you already own, or something you have seen in a store or on television, or maybe even something that you have created in your mind that doesn’t even exist yet. Just create the most comfortable piece of furniture that you can think of whether it be a very plush recliner or even an overstuffed featherbed. Create it in your mind right now, see all the details of it, the color, the texture, even experience the smell of it. See it as clearly in your mind as possible. Now imagine yourself sitting or lying on this piece of furniture and relaxing completely as we continue our task.

Imagine the walls of this room. How big or how small would you like the room to be? What are the walls made of ? Imagine that you have an open expense account that you never have to pay back so what ever you want to imagine, you can have. You can create anything you have ever seen or maybe even things that do not exist yet. The only limitation you have is that of your own imagination. So once again imagine the walls, are they painted? Are they made out of cement? Or plaster? Are they wooden or glass? Now I would like you to take a moment and imagine what you would like to have for a floor. What is the floor made of? Is it made of wood, cement, tiles, linoleum, sand or maybe even grass? Make it out of whatever you would like. It can also be whatever color you would like. Just see it clearly in your mind’s eye. Now how about the ceiling? What is the ceiling made of? You can make it as fancy or as simple as you like. You can even put recessed lighting, or even a chandelier if you care to. Create the ceiling now and make it look however you would like to. You have now created the complete parameters of your room. Look around now and see if there is anything else you would like to add to the parameters of your room before we continue, such as windows, doors, skylights or any other permanent fixtures. Take a moment to finish any of these tasks.

Now it is time to put the other furnishings in the room. What other kind of furniture would you like to create in this room that would help it to be a very relaxing, comfortable place for you to be in? Go ahead and create now any other pieces of large furniture that you would like, maybe a bureau, or tables, a desk, vanity, maybe even an easel so you can do some art work. Whatever you would like create, do it now and see it in as much detail as possible. Take your time and be creative …

Now that you have created the larger furniture, create any smaller furnishings you would like to have in this room. You may want to create some lamps, knickknacks, books, maybe a small bookshelf. Create everything down to the smallest detail, even picture frames, figurines and personal items. Take a few moments now to create all the little things that will make this room comfortable and personal to you. All the things that make you happy, safe and secure.

Now look around at everything you have created in this room and commit it to memory. Look at every detail so that you can remember it at a moments notice any time in the future. Also, remember that you can change this room anytime you like. You can add items, remove items or even change the main features of the room if it suits your liking. So take some time and remember this room as clearly as you can. Any time in the future that you desire to come back to this room you can do so and you’ll return to being as relaxed, safe, and content as you are right now. All you need to do to come back to this room whenever you like, is to take a deep breath and as you relax, simply say to yourself “relax now”. Immediately upon saying “relax now” you can allow yourself to return to this room. It is a safe place that no one else knows about but you, a place where you can come to when you are stressed and in the need to relax or unwind. You can also come here when you want to meditate, think, pray or need a place to simply be creative.

Another feature of this room is that whenever you are in this room you will always be completely safe from any harm. Nothing can harm you in this room as you are totally protected from all negative. This is also a great place that you can use as a starting point in many metaphysical practices if you choose to. For example, you can invite your Spirit Guide to come into this room and visit you, and He will do so. This is your special private place away from the world.


Contacting Spirits (Metaphysical)

By Rene A. Bastarache, CI

As you’re relaxing, I want you to imagine yourself comfortably sitting or lying in that wonderful room that you created earlier. Sitting or lying in your special place … in that private place that only you know about … Just find yourself in that room, look around it … remember as much detail as you can … remember the colors of the walls … the floors and ceilings … Remember the furniture, and all the smaller personal items .. and most of all remember how comfortable it is just to sit and relax as you’re in that private place where no harm can come to you … you’re completely safe … Now at this time, I want you to think about what it is you’d like to find out … are there any questions you’d like to ask your Spirit Guide … what are you seeking … because in this exercise you’re going to invite your Spirit Guide … into your spirit room … Spirit Guide with whom  you wish to speak to that can best answer the questions that you have … or can help you with a whatever situation that you may be in need of advice … So go ahead and just think of it … remember what it is that you want to find out … what kind of information you would like to learn … or what you would like to see as an outcome of this meeting … Get that fresh in your mind … just think about it … know what your motives are … in which direction you would like to go …. now take a moment and think about your Spirit Guide who can help you with your situation … and maybe he can help you in your search for knowledge …  and now mentally invite him into your room … right now … just quietly think about him and he will soon come to your room … Visualize him coming to the room … to the outside … coming to the door as you hear him knocking … Remember you will be completely safe at all times … Imagine yourself now walking over to the door … reaching down for the latch … or the knob … and opening the door … you can now see who’s there … Happily you smile as you recognize him … and invite your Spirit Guide into the room … As your Spirit Guide comes into the room, you welcome him … find a nice comfortable place for him to sit if you haven’t already created one for him … Remember your thought process is reality in this realm. The first thought or feeling that you have is the right one … You both sit down where it is comfortable … opposite each other or side-by-side … Look at your guest… and now is a time to ask your important question to him … the reason you invite him here for … Ask your question and then take a few moments until you hear my voice again to listen to his response. Do this now … (pause for approximately two to three minutes of silence)

It is now time to say goodbye to your Spirit Guide … to wish him farewell … You can thank your Spirit Guide  now for the answers and wisdom that you received … and if you didn’t have enough time … you can speak to him again and invite him or her back as often as you like any time you want … just go back to this room and invite him again …
Just take a moment now to thank your Spirit Guide … and escort him to the door as you bid him goodbye … open the door … and let your guest leave … close the door once he have left … and you can come back to your comfortable spot … just sit and relax again and take a few moments now to think about the words of wisdom you just received … and how those words might help you in your present life (Pause for a few moments then return them to the present time and awaken them).


Trance Exit


That was good. Now you are ready for the journey back to what is called the present time. You may bring back with you anything that is helpful and beneficial.


You may bring back the information you have chosen. Slowly, come back. As you return, you realize that you have done well. In a moment, with a count from one to ten, you may reorient yourself completely to the present time and to the present day. At the count of ten, you will be refreshed and feeling great.


Counting slowly,

1- stepping firmly into the present

2 – feel total normalization

3 – feel the life energies returning to your extremities

4 – you may wish to move your hands, neck, or feet

5 – remember what you have accomplished

6 – realize that you have done well

7 – coming up to full strength

8 – re-energized

9 – re-vitalized

10 – Slowly, open your eyes. You are wide-awake, alert, feeling refreshed, and feeling great.

Welcome Back


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