The Epiphany Archangel Power Tarot Cards



This card signals that you’re on a quest to discover your true self! Meditation and quite time provide great insight into the nature of your own heart and your life purpose. This is not a time of loneliness, but of inner joy and exploring your Divine light within.


You may find a mentor who magically shows up at the right moment. It could also be that it’s time for you to share your own spiritual journey with others who are seeking a mentor. Archangel Raziel holds up his lantern of enlightenment to welcome you to starry mountaintop where self-discovery awaits.


Additional meanings of this card: Consider life’s mysteries. Spend quiet time alone. Be a light to others. Heed your own counsel. Wise advice is coming your way.


Archangel Raziel watches over spiritual teachers and students who are looking for insight or to tap into their own inner knowledge. You can call upon him to assist you in understanding complicated metaphysical concepts. If you’re finding it difficult to meditate, ask Archangel Raziel to help quiet your mind, and allow your angels and guides to bring you the spiritual insights you’re seeking.


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