The Justice Archangel Power Tarot Cards




The angels sent you this card as assurance that the right decision will be made! Court cases, settlements, or other issues decided by third parties will be ruled in your favor. Where situations had previously become unfair, Archangel Raguel can help restore balance between the people involved, and you will soon be able to put this challenge behind you.


This card also brings a message of empowerment that the situation you find yourself in was partially created by previous choices you made – and therefore, new choices can bring about new results, if you desire! It is very important to make fair and carefully measured decisions at this time. Kindness and justice must always be extended toward everyone involved.


Additional meanings of this card: Seek equality. Set aside emotion. Do the logical thing. Review legal papers carefully.


Archangel Raguel is the angel to call upon whenever you find yourself in a challenging situation with someone else. He can soften the energy between two people (or even groups) so that a peaceful and harmonious resolution can be found.


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